New Cancer Bats Videos!

A huge congrats to Jim who has been working over time on these videos and they are out in record time (pun intended)! It's been a non stop party recording the Cancer Bats album and shooting the videos in our space this winter. We wish them all the best on their European tour. 

Check out the Hi-Res videos on Vevo for #winterpeg#headswillroll and #bedofnails


Lights. Camera. Action!

Recording an album is an exciting experience, no matter if it's your first time recording or your 9th studio album.  A great way to capture the entire experience is on a behind-the-scenes video.  We are excited to partner with Jim Agapito, a Winnipegger that started out in the punk music scene and made his way over into film.  Jim's career in film-making spans over 13 years with connections to bands like Comeback Kid and Cancer Bats.

Jim's passion for the art of film is evident in how he approaches each project and he also helps artists to apply for viral video grants in order to help play for the cost of filming.

Along with his passion for music and film, Jim teaches film to inner-city kids.  He is also an avid boxer.

Check out some of his work below.