The first step in the life of any project is to sit down with you, the artist/band and discuss the vision for your project.  Private Ear works with each client to clearly define your vision for the project, your goals, and what you can expect from the sessions.  It's our aim to assist you in finding the best solution that's the right fit for your project and budget.



The production process looks at different areas that affect the overall project.  This is where we clarify the vision and work out the details.  Some of the things we talk about are what sort of sound you are going for, the songs and how they're arranged.  It's important to remember that your project is unique and there will be other elements of the process that come up.

John Paul as a producer will ensure that the project flows as a whole and the vision is clear. His songwriting experience can help you to explore new possibilities to improve your pieces and provides that extra level of polish.




This is when we get into the studio, select sounds and begin tracking instruments and vocals.  This is also the prefect time to do the rough editing and composition before the songs go for mixing.

John Paul can efficiently achieve the sounds that you are looking for, nothing is impossible!



This is where the magic happens.  Mixing is the process that lets us pull all the elements of your music together and refine the song for its final mix.

This is where experience really pays off. John Paul will bring your vision to life using a combination of tools and skills

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Mastering is the last step in production process that prepares your music for release.  This process is where the final stereo mixes are processed so that they will sound the best they can on different mediums and have continuity from song to song.