Studio B - Private Ear Recording’s second studio features a hybrid mix of analog and digital equipment, centered around Protools 12. The 360 sq. ft. control room is spacious and supports a large isolation room (170 sq. ft.). Studio B is the perfect space voice over, ADR, Source Connect, mixing, post production, overdubbing and smaller recording sessions. Features include a 42' lcd monitor, 24' lcd monitors in Isolation room for sync to picture, Dynaudio BM15A monitors, and a Furman HA6 Headphone Amplifier. The accompanying isolation room is carefully treated for controlled sonic reproduction and is ideal for recording vocals, amps, up to a12-input drum set. The isolation room also hosts an upright piano. Microphones selection and most instruments and amplifiers are shared with Studio A.

Studio B is also available for longer-term rental at reduced rate and is ideal as a producer's "home base" for the duration of a given project or production contract.